5 Ibiza beaches that you cannot miss

There are some places that you can’t miss visiting, you will fall in love with its crystal clear waters, the nature of the area, cliffs, and its beautiful panoramic views.

You can get lost on the island of Ibiza, wherever you go you will be impressed.
We have made a small list of the 5 places that you can’t miss if you come to the island for a few days.

Cala Salada

One of the most beautiful places in Ibiza

In San Antonio, Ibiza, you will find the most beautiful beaches on the island. Surrounded by hills, and abundant vegetation with pine forests, we find Cala Salada, with a sandy bed and incredible crystalline turquoise and blue waters.

How to get to Cala Salada? You can go by car, taxi, bus or water taxi.

If you are in San Antonio de Portmany, and you are going to the beach by car, you will find Cala Salada just 15 minutes away, you must go in the direction of Santa Agnes, and follow the signs. Another option is to go by bus from San Antonio station, in summer there are departures every 30 minutes approximately from 10 am to 8 pm, the line that takes you is the L34, which goes to Can Coix, and Cala Salada. It is a very good option to go in high season, since you don’t have to think about where to park your car, and the bus leaves you at the beach, you don’t have to walk far.

We recommend you look at the schedules to better organize your trip. HERE

If you go by car, you should know that from May 20 to mid-October the road will be closed from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in low season and 5:30 p.m. in high season (only scooters, taxis, people with reduced mobility and restaurant customers can pass through). The only thing you can do is park at the Can Coix Sports Center, and walk to the beach, so we recommend taking the bus or a water taxi.

What can we find in Cala Salada? You will find rental hammocks, umbrellas, showers, a restaurant, lifeguards, parking surrounded by pine trees, toilets and access for the disabled (also to the water under the supervision of lifeguards with amphibious wheelchairs and special crutches).

In an area of wooded hills with pine trees, we find this pretty little cove of sand and stones. With clear, shallow waters. During the summer months it is a very popular area for tourists and residents.

To your right, you will see a small cove with soft sand, called “Cala Saladeta” or “Cala Saladita”.

To your left, you will see a boat area built into the rock.

What activities can we do in Cala Salada? It is a protected reserve. An ideal area for swimming and snorkelling. Its calm and transparent waters make this place an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature.

Point of interest:

Ses Fontanelles

These caves are famous for cave paintings dating back to the Bronze Age. To get to the caves you will have to do a long walk, and unfortunately, you won’t see many of the cave paintings, as they are protected by iron bars that prevent access, but the views are very incredible.

Cala Conta

Cala Conta has fabulous views, beautiful turquoise waters and several different areas to explore. It is one of the most famous beach on the island. The sunset in this place is unforgettable.

There are two stretches of sand, one backed by a rocky coastline, the other by sand dunes. The shallow water is safe for bathing and as clear as a swimming pool. Be careful when swimming into the open sea; there are very strong currents here – so even more experienced swimmers should avoid aiming for the island offshore.

How to get to Cala Conta? You can go by car, taxi, bus or water taxi. It’s 15 minutes from San Antonio by car.

Ferries depart regularly from San Antonio harbor and from various stops along San Antonio Bay.
The bus to Cala Conta can be caught at the bus station in San Antonio or along the bay road. Here you will find the schedules.

Parking is not possible directly at the beach as the access is shut with a barrier. There is a large space designated for parking, on your left before the barrier. There is an area on the left where you can park without problem. It is easy to find parking, but you will have to walk to the beach. We recommend not going with many things.

Don’t park along the road , it is prohibited, the police control and give out fines regularly.

In the high season, the beaches are very popular, so come either in the early morning or later in the afternoon.

What can we find in Cala Conta? You will find rental Loungers, day beds, parasols, restaurants, bars, toilets, beach boutique, lifeguards, access for the disabled.

Beach bars and restaurants
The two main beaches are separated by the beach restaurant Sunset Ashram, which has panoramic views from its exposed position, and a creatively designed framework which mimics the rocks on which it sits.

Walking along the cliffs on the right-hand side, you reach two restaurants with stunning views: both of them are great spots for fresh seafood.

What activities can we do in Cala Conta? The many rocky outcrops also make Cala Conta an interesting place for snorkelling.

Point of interest: “Cala Escondida”

A third and smaller cove, called Cala Escondida , is at the far west end and reached from the top of the cliffs by steps hewn into the rock. It is popular with nudists and has a small beach bar, one of the original beach bars of the island. It is a perfect place to go in the morning for breakfast, or in the afternoon to watch the sunset. The prices are good and the attention is excellent. The only thing is that the place is very small, and difficult to find a place during sunset.

Cala Tarida

It is a very long strip of white sand protected by hills. It is a family beach, with crystal clear, quiet and shallow waters. The colours of the sea here are incredible! turquoise, blue and emerald green.

How to get to Cala Tarida? To get to the beach you can do it by bus, taxi boat, or car. There are many of parking spaces, although in July and August it can be difficult to find.
Cala Tarida, has two accesses to the beach, on the one hand you have a very long and steep staircase, with a ramp. And on the other side a more flat and sandy area. On both sides you will find parking.

The bus to Cala Tarida can be caught at the bus station in San Antonio or along the bay road. Here you will find the schedules.

What can we find in Cala Tarida? Sunbeds, parasols, restaurants, bars, lifeguards, public toilets, disabled access.

Behind the beach are well-urbanised hills with a large hotel club just behind, the convenience of this making Cala Tarida a popular family beach. There are also shops right on the beach to buy inflatables, snorkel gear and beach balls.

On the beach, the prices of the restaurants are quite affordable, so having a drink there while you watch the sunset, having lunch or even dinner is a good plan.

What activities can we do in Cala Tarida? The activities offered on this beach are Paddle boarding, kayaking, jetski hire and diving.

Point of interest:

The most striking thing about this beach are the views. You have different places to take photos of this wonderful paradise.

Cala d’Hort

Cala d’Hort is a small beach with a fantastic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedrà, which rises dramatically from the sea only several hundred metres from the shore.

How to get to Cala d’Hort? Cala d’ Hort is located 10 minutes by car from San Jose or from Cala Vadella.

The only way to get there is by car, the road is very well marked, it will not be difficult to find the beach.
Parking is a bit haphazard and can prove difficult in high season, so go early to guarantee a spot.

Backed by cliffs, it is situated at the end of a steep road. During busy times the road is reduced to single track due to the number of parked vehicles.

On this beach you will find areas with soft sand and others with small white stones.

It is a very small beach, so we recommend going early to find a place to park and to be on the sand.

What can we find in Cala d’Hort? You will find Loungers, parasols, restaurants, beach-boutique, lifeguards, access for the disabled, non-smoking beach. There is a small boutique open in high summer selling designer beachwear.

Beach bars and restaurants
There are three excellent beach restaurants in the area, renowned for fresh fish dishes including the traditional seafood paella.

What activities can we do in Cala d’Hort? The only thing you can do here is relax and enjoy the peace that the place transmits. This is a perfect beach to body surf on breezy days when the waves get a little higher and bash the shore.

Point of interest:

Visit this beach in summer to watch the sunset. It’s incredible!

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente offers a golden sand with clear waters, backed by a promenade. It’s safe, beautiful and in this case wonderfully wide, so even when busy in high season there’s usually space to be found. This beach can get windy at times, and the sea a little choppy, but it is often all the more beautiful for that.

Cala San Vicente is populated with an international crowd: lots of young people, families, couples and the elderly, as it’s easily accessible.

Cala San Vicente is particularly impressive, because of its unbelievably brilliant azure water. It is an area with great vegetation, with forested hills on both sides.

How to get to Cala San Vicente? It’s 10 minutes drive from the village of San Juan, 15 minutes drive from San Carlos

Reached by car or bus, well signposted. Parking in car parks at either end of the beach. Can be busy in high summer.

What can we find in Cala San Vicente? You will find a Promenade, loungers, parasols, showers, restaurants, bars, shops, small supermarket, lifeguards, access for the disabled, Hi Point (interactive information point on solar intensity and adequate protection, information for emergencies such as stings, drowning and cardiac arrest, charging point for mobiles, wheelchairs and other devices)

There is a some bars and restaurants along the promenade and directly on the beach, for all budgets

It is an ideal place to go with children, it is a large beach where they can run and play. Sometimes there can be waves in the sea, and you can practice body surfing.

Point of interest:

We recommend you stop to one side and take a photo at the top of the viewpoint. When you are arriving at the beach you find an incredible viewpoint at the top.

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