TOP 5: Things to do in Ibiza in May

What season is May in Ibiza?

The month of May is low season in Ibiza together with the months of June, September and October. It starts to get hot around 20 degrees during the day, and temperatures drop at night. Many people begin to enjoy the weather , visit the beaches and you even begin to see people in the sea.

Things to do in May

One of the most common questions from travelers who visit the island during the month of May is: What can we do? Are there open places? What is the temperature of the water, can we take a bath? Are there clubs open?

There are many activities to do in May, from sailing, taking an excursion in buggies or quads, renting a boat without a license, scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, Jetski tour, visiting markets, or simply relaxing in a beach club.

If you are lucky, depending on the date you travel, you will be able to enjoy the OPENINGS of the most famous clubs in the world, which begin to be held from the beginning of May.

The weather in May is usually very pleasant, close to summer, it is an ideal month for those who suffer from extreme heat, with average highs around 25ºC and average lows of 13ºC. Practically during the day you can enjoy the sea and the sun, and at night it is advisable to go for a walk without forgetting your coat.

The water temperature is quite cold, it does not usually exceed 20ºC, on the contrary, in the month of June it exceeds 20ºC.

The rain is scarce at this time of the year, it may rain in some part of the island, but you will have warm days to enjoy the sea and the beach.

Are there places open in May?

Sure! In the middle of April, some businesses begin to open, to take advantage of Easter. From this date, hotels, bars, restaurants, beach clubs slowly begin to open…

Our recommendations for this month include activities for all tastes, go ahead and start enjoying your vacation!


One of the most requested activities during the month of May are boat trips. If you come for a short time, it is a good option to visit different beaches in the same day.

The excursions are generally very similar, what influences the price is the type of boat, the number of people who go on them, the quality of the products they offer and the attention of the staff.

Here I leave you the best options for you to enjoy a boat trip along the coast of Ibiza, without crowds, of quality, and with the best service at your disposal.


The feeling of a buggy ride is something incomparable, feeling the wind on your face, and the sunlight. 

Along the way, different stops will be made at places of interest and viewpoints on the island, such as the View Point on the island of Es Vedrá, one of the most magical points on the island. There will also be bathing stops to enjoy the crystalline turquoise waters after a successful and hot day, where you can cool off and take photos, and then return to the initial starting point.

It is an ideal activity to do with family or friends. The only thing you will have to bring is a coat, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimwear, and never forget your driver’s license.

If you rent a quad you will need to wear a helmet, which is provided by the rental company, and they can only drive over 21 years old, with a license.

If you prefer to rent a buggy, as they are small cars, you will not need a helmet, but a seat belt. Unlike quads, buggies can ride small children, as companions.

Dare to live a different experience by land!.


A jet ski excursion along the coast of San Antonio de Portmany combines the unique nature of the island of Ibiza with an indescribable and unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Here we leave you all the options available to enjoy pure adrenaline.


En la costa de Sant Antoni de Portmany, y Sant Josep encontramos las playas más visitadas, los atardeceres más bellos, y famosos de la isla. 

Puedes encontrar cuevas, y calas de aguas transparentes de color esmeralda. Fondos de arena, rocas y praderas de poseidonia.

Previamente antes de subir abordo, un instructor te explicará todo lo que necesitas saber para conducir de forma segura, y con confianza.

Lo más importante que debes saber es que no debes alejarte de la costa, ni acercarte mucho a las piedras, debes ir a una distancia media, tener respeto y distanciarte de otras embarcaciones.

Cuando desees detenerte para disfrutar de un baño, deberás encontrar una zona donde puedas ver el fondo, y asegurarte de poner el ancla en una zona de arena que puedas ver. Es muy importante que no haya rocas para que el ancla no se quede atascada, y deban ir a socorrerte.

Siempre debes tener en cuenta que son barcos pequeños, por lo cual la velocidad máxima siempre será de 15HP.


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