The Best things to do in Ibiza with Kids

These are the best things to do in Ibiza with children. Here you will find the best places to go with children from having a picnic on the beach to boat trips, caves and sports activities.

Ibiza may be known as an island for adults, parties, but it is also the ideal destination for a relaxing and fun-filled holiday with the whole family.

Family boat trip San Antonio de Portmany

An unforgettable family boat trip with exciting water activities for family fun. Included paddle board, kayaking, snorkelling, open bar, fresh fruits, and Spanish tapas. Explore the most beautiful beaches.

Visit the Cap Blanc Aquarium

The Cap Blanc Aquarium is located in San Antonio de Portmany.
It is located in a large natural cave, with five openings to the sea, through which water freely enters and leaves. Here the animals are in their natural habitat, with the perfect temperature and salinity. In the past it used to function as a storage tank for lobsters while the fishermen waited to take them to market. We can find octopuses, “blue sharks”, fish, rays, starfish.
The aquarium has a bar with a terrace, where you can see the sea, and enjoy the views. The ferry that goes to and from San Antonio docks in the same bar.

Visit the caves of Can Marça

This mysterious series of caverns has stalagmites and stalactites that cast long shadows on the multicolored lights that illuminate the path.

Smugglers once used these caves to store contraband and you can still see the marks on the walls they left to help them find their way and look out at the ocean through the holes in the cliff.

At the end of the tour, enjoy a spectacular music and light show featuring a 30-foot waterfall.

Sirenis Aquagames

Sirenis Aquagames Ibiza is a water park located in the municipality of San José, Cala de Bou. It is next to the beach of Port des Torrent, it belongs to the “Hotel Sirenis Seaview Country Club”. The water park has an area of ​​4,500 m2 in which the following services and facilities are located:

Tower with a 9 meter high platform with 1 open “AQUAFUN” slide and 1 closed “AQUATUBO” slide.
12 meter high tower with a 4-lane slide “AQUARACER”, a high speed slide “KAMIKAZE” and a free fall slide “TORNADO”.
Children’s area for children from 4 to 10 years old themed Pirates of the Caribbean with 10 children’s slides and 4 splash barrels.
Children’s area for children from 4 to 10 years old with water jets.
Children’s pool area for children from 2 to 4 years old with animal figures and a rain palm tree.

Pinet Beach Slide

It is a small beach with calm and shallow waters. It has a great water slide, with very good prices. This slide has the particularity of having foam, which makes it even more fun. Children have the option of enjoying the whole day with a bracelet that allows them to come and go as many times as they want. There are also water activities such as inflatables at full speed for those who love adrenaline. There are fresh water showers, a restaurant and a bar with a very particular style “Reagge bar”


Acrobosc is a park located in Santa Eulalia, where children and adults can climb trees and do arborism through circuits specially designed for each age and difficulty. Everyone must wear a harness and be attached to safety ropes. The best thing about this activity is that even very young children can do it. And for those who just want to take photos and wait, there are chairs and tables where you can have your own picnic. On site there is to buy drinks so you don’t miss a thing! Parking in season is not easy but if you are lucky in the same place there is a place to park your car.

Can Muson

It is an ecological farm with a lot of animals. Children love this place, and never get tired of visiting it. In addition to being in contact with the animals, and feeding them, they teach them how to make bread.

You can go without booking. But the best thing is that you communicate before to be sure. They also sell products from their garden, and you have the possibility to eat something there or drink something, always all natural and grown on the same farm.

Es currals alpacas ibiza

It is a different place where you can be in contact with the alpacas for about an hour. You can feed them and take many photos with these animals. To visit this place, the first thing you have to do is communicate by phone and reserve your place. There are limited groups to visit the alpacas, their well-being is the main thing.

Can Hog Ibiza

It is a sanctuary for hedgehogs, an endangered species native to the island of Ibiza. They rescue many hedgehogs throughout the year and work on their rehabilitation, to return them to their natural habitat after their recovery. If you call by phone, you can reserve a day to visit them. They do not charge admission but you must make a donation to help these animals.

San Antonio with kids

The San Antonio amusement park is small, but it has everything you need to enjoy an incredible night! Bumper cars, “The octopus” that will make you go up and down at full speed, the famous Slingshot that will make you live a moment of maximum adrenaline, where you can take your video instantly. You will also find a lot of games with coins to have fun with family or friends. And to eat there are some delicious unmissable crepes!


We could not forget the Kartings of San Antonio de Portmany! It is certainly a very fun place for children and adults. From 4 years old, everyone can enjoy at maximum speed! Located at the entrance to San Antonio, Ibiza Karting is an ideal place to spend time with family or friends. You will be able to carry out races and discover who has been the winner. There is an electronic time control that you can see to compare your times with the fastest. It is a very safe place, and you can go during the day or at night.
There is a bar where you can drink or eat something while you wait for your group. It is a perfect place to take photos, or simply enjoy on its fantastic terrace where you also have free Wi-Fi and billiards. In addition, children have their own play area with a trampoline. No reservation is necessary.

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