We have all dreamed of flying…. now it is possible, with the Flyboard!

If you are looking for a new concept of fun on the water, you’ve come to the right place!
It goes on your feet and makes you fly and swim like a dolphin! You can Flyboard in the clear blue water’s of San Antonio Bay , Ibiza!

What’s included/ Required?  photos (optional) Video (optional) • Life jacket • Snorkel  • Equipment • Helmet  Use Intructions

• Time: 20 Min

 Experience: No Required

 Minimum age: 14 years



Imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the water and fly 45 feet (14 meters) into the air! The Flyboard allows you to experience controlled flight, the feeling of accelerating freely on the water’s level and the most exhilarating: simulating the dolphin’s graceful swim! The Flyboard attaches to a jet-boat and the main thrust comes from your feet.

If you want to try…. We are available 7 days a week, so contact us today to get started! We have certified trainers on our staff.
You need about 5 to 20 minutes to learn the basics. We have instructors on staff that will teach you what you need and have you Flyboarding in minutes!

Feel the exhilarating rush as you rise above the clear waters.

As you gain height, the gorgeous San Antonio coastline will spread out before you.

Experience the blood-pumping thrill of flying through the air. It’s relatively easy to master the basics and most people can learn how to fly during their session. If you’ve opted for a longer session, you’ll have extra time to practice your flyboarding moves.

Learn how to steer and control your elevation, as well as how to perform graceful landings. You might even get to try some tricks or simple stunts, such as quick donut turns or spins.

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