Jet Ski to Cala D’aubarca

Cala de Aubarca is also known as Cala d’Albarca or d’Albarcar is located on the north coast of Ibiza.

It is a very irregular landscape, declared a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest under the name of Es Amunts: lush pine forests and huge cliffs that plummet towards the sea.

One of the most isolated places in Ibiza, where there are no houses nearby.

It is close to the town of Sant Mateu D’aubarca, so it is advisable to visit this pretty town on time, with a very Ibizan style. Visiting this area of ​​Ibiza is a highly recommended experience, the water in Cala Aubarca is an intense blue color, and visiting it from the sea is even better, since the path to reach this beach is not easy.

It is a very rocky area that has been eroded over time. . Being an area rarely visited by tourists, it remains almost virgin, so it is highly recommended to bring diving goggles and everything you need to spend the day, since here we will find nothing but nature in its purest form.

One of the most characteristic images of Cala Aubarca is undoubtedly its fabulous natural stone arch. This arch constitutes an authentic stone bridge over the sea and is one of the most sought-after dikes by landscape photographers.

What’s included/ Required?

  • Life jacket
  • Tour Destination: Cala de Aubarca
  • Price per Jetski: 200 Eur
  • Duration: 1.30 Minutes
  • Age: All ages, 16+ to drive
  • No license needed.
  • Maximum two people per Jet Ski.
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Departure from San Antonio Bay.
  • Jet Ski: Yamaha VX WaveRunner 2020.

  • All renters are fitted into a life vest and given a full “on the water” instruction before riding starts.
  • Non-licensed individuals between 16 and 18 can drive with an adult on the back.
  • Younger persons are welcome as passengers at the discretion of their parents. There is no age restriction; however, all passengers must be strong swimmers and be comfortable in the water.
  • Personal items can be safely left on the beach with the staff, so please tell customers not to leave them in their car.