Sunset Boat Tour | Caves, coves and beaches

This trip is the best snorkelling excursion you can enjoy as it mixes a snorkelling experience with a sightseeing tour of Ibiza’s coastline.

What’s included/ Required? 

• Sound system  • Life jacket  • Soft drinks  • Captain  • Solarium • Insurance • Paddle Board • Snorkel equipment


-Boat sunset excursion in Ibiza with ALL included
-Visiting the two best coves and sea caves on the Ibiza coast.
-Valid for non-swimmers.
-Ideal excursion for groups of friends, couples or if you come alone.
-Fabulous sunset excursion to celebrate any birthday, bachelor party or any event.
-3 hours long with 3 stops.
-Departure time 3 hours before sunset.
-2 50-minute swim stops in 2 idyllic coves, and 20 minutes watching the sunset in an iconic setting.
-Includes snorkel equipment (mask and tube) + paddle boards.
-Includes unlimited soft drinks, Cava, beer and Sangria.

-Meet point: (30 min. before the activity in) 

You can enjoy the amazing views of the coast in front of Café del Mar, and Café Mambo while enjoying a glass of cava.

This excursion is designed for all audiences, from families with children to couples, it is the ideal activity for those who want to visit the most beautiful places, which you can only access by boat, being able to swim, snorkel and paddle surf.

The ship leaves from the port of San Antonio, in front of the Columbus egg. Our captain will take us to Cala Conta where, in addition to enjoying its transparent turquoise waters, we will visit some caves found in this area. Once here, we will anchor to enjoy this authentic paradise.

In this stop of approximately 45 minutes we can swim, snorkel, paddle surf or relax while listening to music. We will also be able to observe the majesty of the natural reserves found in this area, such as the Conejera Island and the Forest Island that is located in front of the Cala Conta beach.

snorkel trip
We will anchor in sandy bottoms, and crystalline waters. These white sands are home to schools of fish whose black spot on the tail differentiates them, these are called Obladas. Normally these fish form large schools. That’s why if we put on some snorkel masks we can attend a beautiful show while they swim around us.

Other places we will visit on this excursion:
Torre des Savinar or Pirate Tower. Formerly it was used to spot enemy ships or those of the Barbary pirates.

Cala Bassa, we will navigate inside this beautiful cove, then we will make a stop in front of one of the caves found in this area.

Then we will visit one of the largest caves on the island, where we will enter the boat to observe the ceiling and its grandeur during this brief stay in the cave of a few minutes.

Finally, we will go to the Café del Mar and Café Mambo area, where we will anchor to see the sunset from the boat and where our crew will serve cava and other drinks, while we enjoy this unforgettable postcard.
Arrival almost at night we will arrive at the port of San Antonio from where we started.

Months Available: May/June/July/August/September/October