The 10 most photographed coves and beaches of Ibiza
The 5 most photographed coves and beaches of Ibiza
Punta Galera Beach
So that you don't go crazy looking for your ideal cove among the more than 50 coves in Ibiza, here we present our opinions and recommendations.
Punta Galera, in the surroundings of Cala Salada, makes up one of the most surprising landscapes on the Ibizan coast. It is a stretch of smooth rock, which at times even forms flat terraces at various levels, where bathers spread out their towels. A nudist corner par excellence, it has always been a place little frequented, although it attracts more and more young people, seduced by the stillness and beauty of the picturesque landscape. Even so, the non-existence of beach bars, the lack of sand and the null signage prevent the place from becoming overcrowded.

The rocky terrain is not a problem when it comes to getting into the water, since the depth exceeds two and a half meters practically along the entire shore, with the exception of some higher submerged rocks that make it easier to get out of the sea. It is, without a doubt, a special, quiet place, where silence is respected almost like in a library, and worth visiting. Don't be surprised if you find a group of people practicing yoga or shiatsu.
Punta Galera nudist beach

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